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RBI Group: Pride Built In

RBI Group combines a range of construction and hospitality management services under one key mission: to exceed client expectations by providing the highest level of quality and value in every project we undertake.

The 3 branches of RBI Group are:
  • RBI Forming, specializing in architectural and engineered concrete formwork for all types of building projects
  • RBI Construction, with over 25 years of experience providing quality construction services in British Columbia and Alberta
  • PHI Hotel Group, providing hotel development and management within the buildings we create

We see every project as an opportunity for innovation and excellence. Together, the RBI Group of companies provides a unique value that is unmatched in the industry. Separately, each company is expanding rapidly and creating a name for itself in an increasingly competitive industry.

To learn more about each company or for more information about the RBI Group, please don’t hesitate to contact us